Can canvas shoes be washed in the washing machine?

Can canvas shoes be washed in the washing machine? I believe that everyone who loves canvas shoes has thought about this problem. As a canvas shoe production factory, we will give more professional opinions and suggestions next.

Reason of canvas shoes be washed in machine

canvas shoes be washed in the washing machine

Compared with clothes, shoes are dirtier. Therefore, it is more laborious to clean the shoes. There are still a lot of small stones and mud on the soles. In this case, putting the shoes directly into the washing machine is a no-no. First of all, shoes that are too dirty cannot clean with the help of a washing machine. Secondly, the soil and small persimmons on the soles of shoes left in the washing machine will breed a lot of bacteria. When you use it to wash clothes in the future, it will be difficult to clean the clothes. Meantime, when the shoes vigorously agitate by the washing machine. And the uppers are easily cracked or even broken. If your favorite shoes damage, it will be difficult to repair them.

Other impacts

washing machine

Another thing to note is that washing shoes in a washing machine is not only harmful to the shoes. The soles are not as soft as clothing materials. The centrifugal force of a washing machine that rotates at high speed will greatly reduce the life of the machine. Besides, if you want to keep the inside clean and healthy, you need to clean the inside of the machine again after washing. This is actually causing trouble for yourself. Therefore, if you want to use a washing machine to wash shoes, you must know that not all shoes can use that method. If they are canvas shoes or cotton slippers with a soft texture, you can wash them in the washing machine. Before cleaning, simply scrub away the mud and stones from the soles. Then use a special shoe cleaning bag to pack the shoes. This allows the shoe to float easily on the water. At the same time, it can also cleverly avoid collision and friction between shoes and the washing machine.


Regarding the question of can canvas shoes be washed in the washing machine, theoretically it is not possible. If you want to free your hands and clean your shoes, you can buy a professional shoe washing machine.