Chengdu Univerisade: the weaving of medal ribbons was first time integrated into Sichuan brocade process

Chengdu Universiade is a great event in China’s sports field. It’s a stage for young sports talents to display their talents. But it even is a shining place for traditional culture.

Special skill of medals in Chengdu Universiade: Sichuan brocade

This year, the organizing committee of Chengdu Universiade decided to take this opportunity to promote China’s intangible cultural heritage skills and integrate Sichuan brocade technology into the weaving process of medal ribbons.The outer frame of the medal uses exquisite metal, showing an elegant Sichuan brocade pattern. Among them, the most striking thing is the medal ribbon, which is the first time to adopt Sichuan brocade weaving technology. Ribbon is made of high-quality silk thread, with bright colors and rich textures. The rope is interwoven with the classic patterns and lines of Sichuan brocade, which combines sports with traditional skills and shows the unique charm of China culture.

Embroidery originated in China and has a long history

Sichuan brocade is a traditional weaving skill and intangible cultural heritage in China. It has a long history and is famous for its rich patterns and meticulous craftsmanship. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has been praised by the world for its exquisite weaving technology and unique artistic style. The design of medals for this year’s Universiade will fully show the characteristics of Sichuan brocade.The integration of Sichuan brocade technology with medal ribbons in this Universiade is an innovative attempt to traditional culture. 

Besides, it’s an innovative of the inheritance and promotion of Sichuan brocade technology. This will present a magnificent picture of China culture to the world. And it also will let the world feel the charm and pride of China’s traditional crafts. Moreover, it also calls on the whole society to love and protect China’s intangible culture.

Chengdu Universiade greatly promotes China’s intangible culture. China’s intangible culture represents the wisdom and creativity of the Chinese nation and is our precious spiritual wealth. We should work together to protect traditional culture as the responsibility and obligation of each of us. Only in this way can we inherited and develop our intangible skills and our culture can show its elegance on the world stage!