How to clean white canvas shoes

Clean white canvas shoes that is the most difficult to clean by yourself at home. If you not clean them thoroughly due to dirt, they will  tend to turn yellow and deform after washing. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention during cleaning. Next, we will teach you a relaxed method. Not only is it clean after washing, but it does not turn yellow.

white canvas shoes by ourself

Correct steps about clean white canvas shoes

First of all regarding the canvas on the edge of the shoe. Be sure to remove the laces before cleaning.Prepare a bowl with warm water at about 40 ° C and add half a tablespoon of detergent. Then add about forty milliliters of oxygenated water and mix thoroughly. Hydrogen peroxide can effectively remove some stains and yellowing from our shoes. Please caution: it must be hot water instead of hot water, as hot water can cause dirt to penetrate deeper into the canvas. Soak the shoes with the sole up and the upper down for about half an hour. After about half an hour, most stains will fall off by themselves.

For the remaining stubborn stains, a gentle brush can thoroughly clean them. If you want sun-dried shoes not to turn yellow after washing, the last step is essential. After cleaning the stains on the shoes, prepare a basin with clean water and add about fifty milliliters of white vinegar. The function of white vinegar is to neutralize the remaining alkaline substances present in cleaning products. Immerse for five minutes using the same method as cleaning and soaking. It is important to note that shoes must be dehydrated and air-dried. After cleaning and drying the shoes with the method described above, they will be very clean and will not present any yellowing.

how to clean white canvas shoes

Methods for handling scratches

white canvas shoes at home

For small dirty scratches on the sole and toe of the shoe, it is important to be patient with details. The first method is to use a clean, dry cloth soaked in an adequate amount of nail solvent and then vigorously wipe the scratched areas. Scratches disappear immediately. If you don’t have nail solvent, you can try the second method: use a whitening toothpaste or regular toothpaste. Apply toothpaste to scratches and then brush away any remaining marks.


The clean white canvas shoes method has been shared above.  And I hope this article can help all friends who like white canvas shoes!