Introduce each type of canvas shoe

Each type of canvas shoe, as an eternal footwear classic, have always been loved by everyone. with years of production experience and market observation, we will provide a detailed introduction to the five common styles.

Each type of canvas shoe-High top type

Each type of canvas shoe-high top sneakers

Advantages: The high cut design can provide additional support for the ankle, suitable for those who want more protection. The high cut design is more trendy and an excellent choice for street style.

Disadvantages: Compared to other styles, high top canvas shoes may appear slightly stuffy in summer.

Matching suggestion: Suitable for pairing with jeans and wide leg pants, showcasing casual and unrestrained style.

Low cut canvas shoes

Each type of canvas shoe-slip on canvas sneakers

Advantages: The low cut design is more breathable, suitable for wearing in spring and summer seasons. Low cut shoes are lighter and more convenient to wear on a daily basis.

Disadvantage: Relatively less support for the ankle.

Matching suggestion: Pair with short skirts and dresses to showcase a relaxed and casual style.

Slip on canvas shoes

Advantages: Easy to put on and off, especially suitable for busy urban populations. The design is simple and easy to match.

Disadvantage: Due to the lack of shoelace design, it may not be very friendly for people with high instep.

Matching suggestion: A pair of canvas shoes can be easily paired with casual suits, T-shirts, and more.

Each type of canvas shoe-slip on canvas shoes

Canvas shoes with Velcro style

Advantages: The Velcro design provides flexibility in adjustment, ensuring the fixation of the shoes while also meeting the needs of different foot types. Easy to put on and off, especially suitable for children and the elderly.

Disadvantage: Velcro may experience a decrease in stickiness over time.

Matching suggestion: Suitable for pairing with parent-child clothing and sportswear, showcasing vitality and friendliness.


Overall, each type of canvas shoe has its unique charm and applicability to different scenarios. Which one to choose depends on your actual needs and preferences. Our canvas shoe foreign trade company always adheres to quality and innovation, hoping to bring you more satisfactory choices. Choosing us is choosing quality and trust.