Roadtkshoes joined hands with environmental protection new materials company

Recently, Roadtekshoes announced that we would increase cooperation with environmental-protection new materials companies.

Background of This Environment Protection Step

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Roadtkshoes , a company committed to the concept of green environmental protection. The aim is to promote the comprehensive adoption of environmentally-friendly fabrics for products. This important move marks a solid step for our industry to contribute to the protection of the earth’s environment. In the face of increasingly serious environmental problems, we actively seek solutions. Through  cooperation with the environmental protection new material company, we successfully developed an environmental protection fabric called “green ecological leather”. This kind of cloth is made of all kinds of hazardous waste cloth and leather by advanced technology. It not only saves resources, but also greatly reduces the burden on the environment.

About the "Green Ecological Skin"

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The production technology and technical requirements of “green ecological skin” are extremely high. And it needs to go through many complicated procedures to complete. However, it is these strict technological processes that make “green ecological skin” have many advantages. First of all, the weight of products made of this fabric is reduced by 30% compared with leather products of the same area. But it can still maintain excellent wear resistance, waterproof, aging resistance, peeling and flexural strength. Secondly, advanced technology adopts in the production process, which saves 90% of water compared with the same amount of leather production. At the same time, we realize the recycling of production water, greatly reducing the consumption of water resources. In addition, there is no harmful gas emission in the whole production process, which is environmentally friendly.

Milestone Significance

Regarding the actual benefits of this new type of environmentally-protection fabric, we attach great importance to this step. Roadtkshoes’ CEO said that it not only reduces water consumption and waste discharge, but improves product quality and user experience. Moreover, this move has a positive role in promoting the social image of enterprises and fulfilling their social responsibilities.

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