The last rehearsal for the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games was completed.

The 19th Asian Games (referred to as Hangzhou Asian Games) has recently completed its last rehearsal.This is a good start.

Detail of the Hangzhou Asian Games


The smooth progress of it marks that the preparations for the Games have entered the final sprint stage.It is understood that it originally scheduled to be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province from September 10 to 25, 2022. But due to the global epidemic, the event was postponed from September 23 to October 8, 2023. Although the adjustment of the competition period has brought some challenges to the preparation. All the staff members are adhering to the concept of “green, intelligent, frugal and civilized”. And they go all out to ensure the smooth progress of the competition.In this rehearsal, the  presented a high-level performance and colorful program content. There are 40 major events, 61 disciplines and 481 minor events, including 31 Olympic events and 9 non-Olympic events. What’s more, it provides a stage for athletes from all over Asia to show their talents. It is particularly worth mentioning that e-sports and break dancing have been added to the Asian Games. That fully embodies the novelty and inclusiveness of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

mascot of Hangzhou Asian Games_副本

“China New Era Hangzhou New Asian Games” is the orientation of the Games. It’s not only an important milestone in the development of China, but an important event for Asian sports exchanges.Adhering to the goal of “China characteristics, Asian style”, it presents a wonderful sports feast for Asia and the world. 

From April 25th, 2023, a three-day meeting of heads of delegation of the Games was held in Hangzhou. The success of the conference of heads of delegation further promoted the preparatory process for the  Games.

Generally speaking, the Hangzhou Asian Games has been fully prepared. And athletes from all over Asia are expected to show their best on the field.