How vulcanized rubber is made

Vulcanized rubber refers to rubber that has the characteristics of being non-sticky and difficult to break through a specific vulcanization process. The principle is that during the vulcanization process, the rubber molecular chains are cross-linked to form a three-dimensional structure. Most of the common rubber products are vulcanized rubber.

Process of vulcanized rubber

machine of vulcanized rubber

Raw material preparation

Before preparing vulcanized rubber, you need to prepare rubber raw materials and other compounding agents. And ubber raw materials usually choose natural rubber or synthetic rubber. At the same time, compounding agents include vulcanizing agents, accelerators, antioxidants, fillers, etc. Their role is to improve the performance of rubber products


Next, is the process of mixing the prepared raw materials and mixture. In this process, parameters such as temperature, time and rotation speed need to be controlled to ensure the mixing effect.


After mixing, the mixed rubber material needs to be pressed or extruded into the required shape through a mold. This process is shaping. During this process,you also need control various parameters also to ensure the accuracy and quality of the products.


vulcanized rubber

Molded rubber products need to undergo the most critical step: vulcanization. This is because it determines the final performance of rubber products. During the vulcanization process, the rubber molecular chains react under the action of vulcanizing agents and accelerators. Besides, this gives rubber products excellent elasticity and wear resistance.


After vulcanization, the finished product still needs to be processed. That includes trimming, inspection, packaging and other steps, which can improve the appearance quality and dimensional accuracy of the product.

factory of vulcanized rubber

The preparation of vulcanized rubber is a complex and delicate process. It has very strict requirements on factory equipment and operating workers. And every step must strictly control parameters and operating conditions. With the continuous advancement of Roadtek shoes’ vulcanization technology, the quality and production process of our vulcanized shoes are also constantly improving. If you want to establish cooperation with us, welcome to visit us at any time!