Autumn canvas shoes

Upper: Canvas

Outsole: Rubber

Insole: EVA+ Mesh

Lining: Mesh


As autumn approaches, it’s time to give our closets a seasonal update. Roadtek company recommends our brand new autumn canvas shoes. These shoes not only perfectly fit the cool climate of autumn but also bring you a comfortable and stylish wearing experience with their unique design and excellent quality.

Product Features

Upper: Made of high-quality canvas material, which is durable and breathable. The canvas material is also easy to clean and maintain.

Lining: Mesh material is used inside the shoe to ensure good comfort and breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry even in high temperatures.

Outsole: The rubber outsole design provides excellent grip and wear resistance, suitable for different urban environments.

Insole: Mesh and EVA material insole provides additional comfort and support, reducing fatigue from long walks.

Autumn canvas shoes

Reasons to Choose Roadtek

Various Customization Options: We offer comprehensive customization services for orders exceeding 1000 pairs. You can freely choose the colors you like. Our size range covers the entire series from children to adults, ensuring that every customer can find the right style. Additionally, we provide logo printing services, accurately placing the customer’s exclusive logo on the shoe upper, whether it’s a brand logo or a special pattern.

Autumn canvas shoes

Production Efficiency: Our self-owned factory has an advanced production line and an efficient management team. We ensure rapid production for large orders. Our two production lines can produce over 10,000 pairs of shoes per day, meeting market demands even during peak seasons.

product lines of canvas flat shoes

Strict Quality Control: Every pair of canvas shoes undergoes strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. Our quality control team follows AQL standards and conducts multi-link inspections to ensure a defect rate of less than 1%. The testing equipment we use includes a flex test machine, a wear test machine, and a bottom hardness tester, ensuring that every pair of shoes meets or exceeds industry standards in terms of durability, comfort, and safety.

vulcanized rubber

In short, our autumn canvas shoes are the perfect combination of comfort, style and quality. Whether you’re traveling in the fall or navigating the streets of the city. These shoes will keep your feet comfortable and stylish.