Canvas jazz shoes

Upper: Umbrella cloth

Outsole: Rubber

Insole: Cotton fabric

Lining: Cotton fabric

Logo: Custom

MOQ: 500 Pairs


Wear these pair of canvas jazz shoes to easily create a youthful and energetic look. They use a classic slip-on design with fashionable elements to make you stand out from the crowd.

Features of canvas jazz shoes

features of canvas jazz shoes

Upper: We select umbrella cloth material to further increase the breathability of the shoes. This material is soft, breathable and conforms to the foot, making walking more comfortable.

Lining: The design of the cotton lining is very user-friendly. Cotton fabric is not only soft against the skin, but can also absorb the sweat and moisture produced by the feet in time.

Outsole: Rubber outsole is wear-resistant and elastic. Coupled with the three-dimensional anti-slip texture of the sole, its grip is excellent. And you can walk confidently without the risk of slipping.

Stitching: The unique double stitching design makes the shoes stronger and more wear-resistant. At the same time, this creates a trendy design that can be easily paired with a variety of clothes.

Rich production experience

factory of canvas jazz shoes

Roadtek shoes is a vulcanized shoe production factory with more than 20 years of experience. With rich experience and professional production technology, we have established deep cooperative relationships with many famous brands at home and abroad, such as ZARA, Walmart, etc.What’s more, we also created our own brand and gained widespread attention.

Green production factory

solar power of canvas jazz shoes

In addition to professional production technology, we also adhere to green production. Our factory has established its own solar power generation device for the entire production process. And we have successfully achieved 100% zero pollution in the production process. It is in this way that the production cost of the product is reduced. Besides,, it also further enhances the price advantage of our products.

These canvas jazz shoes are lightweight, breathable, non-slip and wear-resistant. Whether you are going out for sports or relaxing at home, they can become your favorite shoes. If you are looking for a batch of high-quality vulcanized shoes, contact us quickly!

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