canvas shoes ankle length

Upper: Canvas

Eyelets: Aluminium eyelet

Lace: Flat cotton

Outsole: Rubber

Plate: Mesh

Lining: Cotton fabric

Construction: Vulcanization



Stylish canvas shoes ankle length, as synonymous with fashion and comfort, have always been loved. These low cut canvas shoes brought to you by Roadtekshoes take this advantage to the extreme, meeting your dual pursuit of fashion and practicality.

Description of canvas shoes ankle length

details of canvas shoes ankle length

Fashion print design: Each canvas shoe incorporates unique print elements, making it beautiful and versatile. And that makes it your best partner for both casual and formal occasions.

Canvas upper: Made of high-quality canvas material, it is lightweight and breathable, fitting the foot shape. So it will allow your feet to breathe freely.

Rubber outsole: treated with professional vulcanization technology, it is anti slip, oil resistant, and durable. That’s why our canvas products provid good grip whether walking on the street or on rainy days.

fashionable canvas shoes ankle length

Pure cotton lining: Using a soft and comfortable pure cotton lining, providing meticulous care to the soles of the feet, allowing you to feel a silky wearing experience.

Professional vulcanization process: Each pair of canvas shoes undergoes strict vulcanization process to ensure excellent product quality and affordable prices.

Introduce of our factory

canvas shoes factory

As a professional vulcanized shoe factory, Roadtekshoes has 6 modern production lines and more than 500 skilled workers. With advanced production technology and strict quality control, our daily output reaches up to 5000 pairs. Our convenient sea, land, and air transportation network ensures fast delivery time and short delivery time, ensuring that every pair of shoes can arrive in your hands on time. In addition, we also have a professional R&D and design team, constantly keeping up with the times, keeping up with fashion trends, and presenting you with the most innovative and fashionable canvas shoe styles.

workers of canvas shoes ankle length

These canvas shoes ankle length have won the love of consumers. By choosing them, not only can you enjoy high-quality products, but you can also keep up with fashion trends. Contact us now and embark on your fashion journey!

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