Canvas shoes high ankle

Upper: Canvas

Lining: Cotton fabric

Outsole: Rubber

Lace: Cotton

Construction: Vulcanization

Logo: Custom


Canvas shoes high ankle are a must-have item all year round. They are breathable and comfortable, simple yet stylish. Whether you do leisure travel or sports and fitness, they can be your best partner.

Features of canvas shoes high ankle

feature of canvas shoes high ankle

These products use the latest sponge cake style with retro appearance design.


The wide toe design makes it suitable for most people’s feet. And this increases the room for your toes to move, making you more comfortable.


The rubber outsole is non-slip and elastic. Even the thick sole design will not affect the comfort of the feet. At the same time, the height-increasing design will make your figure look more upright and elegant.


In addition, the cotton lining is soft, comfortable and highly breathable. When your feet produce moisture and sweat due to exercise, the inner layer can discharge the sweat in time. Besides, it keeps your feet dry and breathable at all times.

High production and transportation efficiency

factory of canvas shoes high ankle

Roadtek shoes is a professional canvas shoe production factory with more than seven hundred workers. Our factory has ten modern production lines, with an output of more than 10 million pairs in seven years. What’s more, our factory’s geographical location is very advantageous. Access to Qingdao Port and multiple expressways, with convenient sea, land and air transportation. This enables us to deliver goods promptly and according to our customers’ agreed schedules.

Cooperate with famous brands

Our products are of high quality and come in various styles. And we have established deep cooperative relationships with many famous brands at home and abroad. In the more than twenty years since its establishment, our products have been sold to more than one hundred countries and have become popular.

famous brand of canvas shoes high ankle

These canvas shoes high ankle have a stylish design, high-quality materials and are comfortable. If you are interested in our products or factories, please contact us as soon as possible!

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