Canvas shoes variety

Upper: Canvas

Toe: PU

Outsole: PVC

Insole: PU

Logo: Custom

MOQ: 500 Pairs


Our children’s canvas shoes variety are made of soft materials to ensure comfortable wearing. Every step of the child deserves our best care.

Features of canvas shoes variety

These are Nordic-style canvas shoes with a simple style but easy to match. Next, I will introduce the details of this product to you in detail. I believe that after understanding it, you will feel their unique charm.

features of canvas shoes variety

Upper: The upper is made of 98% cotton cloth and 72*40 high-density canvas material. And this is completely different from traditional canvas shoes. Its texture is softer, more comfortable and will not rub the baby’s skin.

Toe: The design of the PU toe can effectively prevent collision and kicking. Wearing them can give you a full sense of security. In addition, its spacious and rounded shape design allows a lot of room for the toes to move. So you don’t have to worry about grinding or squeezing your feet.

Outsole: The PVC outsole is non-slip, wear-resistant and very light. This makes the overall weight of the shoe about the weight of one and a half eggs. Besides, the weight of the child’s feet when walking is also reduced a lot.

High production efficiency

factory of canvas shoes variety

Roadtekshoes is a canvas shoe factory with more than 700 workers. We have built a complete and advanced vulcanized shoe and cement shoe production workshop. In addition, we have a total of ten internationally advanced production lines that can meet your various production needs for canvas shoes. With professional production equipment and skilled production technology, our daily production is as high as 20,000.

Excellent product quality

We continue to improve our competitiveness and gain industry recognition in terms of price, style and service. With a rigorous and scientific quality management system, the quality of our products has passed multiple certificates and certifications. We can provide you with relevant certificates and certifications according to your requirements.


Put on our canvas shoes variety and let your children run freely and worry-free. Feel free to contact us and purchase our products.

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