Canvas shoes with laces

Upper: Canvas and woven cloth

Outsole: Rubber

Insole: Canvas

Lining: Eco-friendly leather

Logo: Custom

Construction: Vulcanization



What effect will canvas shoes with laces have when encountering shiny elements? Next, we will introduce you to these vulcanized shoes that incorporate the most fashionable design concepts. They will allow you to showcase your personal charm in a comfortable wearing experience.

Features of canvas shoes with laces

faeture of canvas shoes with laces

Our fashionable canvas shoes have unique design that are comfortable and delicate.


The upper made of canvas and woven fabric is not only more breathable, but also more attractive. And the sequin design on the tongue and collar of the shoes is hand sewn by our workers. Although this will increase our time cost, it can make this part more durable. Meanwhile, hand sewing can also enhance the wearing effect of decorations, making your shoes shine brightly.

Toe cap

At the same time, thickening the toe not make them hard to grind the feet. On the contrary, it increases their anti-collision and kick resistance performance. Besides, this can also better protect your toes.


In addition, the rubber outsole fully conforms to the foot shape due to its ergonomic design. That prevents it from squeezing or grinding your feet.

R&D and innovation capabilities

design team of canvas shoes with laces

As a factory with rich vulcanization experience, Roadtek shoes is committed to product research and innovation. To ensure that our products keep up with the times, we have assembled a research and development design team consisting of 40 professionals. They can customize products according to your needs for style, color, material, and logo.

Environmental protection equipment

solar power of canvas shoes with laces

What’s more, in response to environmental protection and energy conservation, we have established a complete solar power generation system ourselves. And we have applied them to product production. Therefore, throughout the entire product production process, our factory achieves 100% use of clean energy and pollution-free.

Our white canvas shoe with laces present the most popular elements and the most comfortable foot feel. We are confident that they will become the most popular style this year. If you are interested in this product, please contact us immediately and enjoy the most favorable price!

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