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Lining: Mesh


With the arrival of spring, the temperature gradually warms up. Low-top breathable canvas shoes are becoming more and more popular. A pair of suitable casual shoes can meet People’s Daily commute and work in the city. At the same time, because of the simplicity of the material, the price of this shoe is very affordable, which is very suitable for young people to choose. If you want a pair of comfortable and affordable casual shoes, our flat casual shoes would be a good choice.

Fashion canvas upper: The upper is made of high quality canvas, light and breathable.

Wear-resistant rubber outsole: The outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber to provide good grip and stability.

Air permeable inside: The shoe is made of Mesh material, which has good air permeability.

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The shoes are designed in a simple style that is contemporary and easy to wear. Whether it is casual or formal, it can show different styles. We also offer three colors: black, red and gray. You can choose the right colors for different clothes and scenes.

The shoes are made by vulcanization process. The durability of the shoes is guaranteed. In addition, this process gives the upper and sole high strength and high elasticity, and also ensures the comfort of the shoes. And because of the maturity of the process, the cost is also reduced to the minimum, which ensures the cost performance of this shoe to the greatest extent.

About Roadtek

As an excellent shoe company, we understand that social responsibility is an unavoidable thing for an enterprise. Therefore, Roadtek has actively responded to the global call for environmental protection and launched a series of initiatives. At the same time, actively participate in social activities to reflect the social responsibility of the enterprise.

In the production process, we pay attention to energy saving and emission reduction, and every hour of electricity used in the factory production comes from the solar panels on the roof. At the beginning of 2023, we upgraded the technology of the factory in response to environmental protection, and now solar panels have been installed in every factory.

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At the same time, we chose environmentally friendly materials in the production process, and we also specially introduced the whole shoe body made of renewable materials through 3D printing.

Roadtek is also actively involved in social welfare activities. We work with local schools to provide students with free medical check-ups and books and shoes on a regular basis. We also encourage our employees to participate in volunteer activities to pass love to those in need and make a positive contribution to society.

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More information about our factory strength and Flat casual shoes can be found on our home page. And we welcome you to contact us and come to China for a field visit.