kid canvas casual shoes

Upper: Canvas

Rubber: Outsole

Lining: Mesh


As the weather warms up, a pair of comfortable and stylish shoes has become a must-have product for children to transition into the new season. Roadtek recently launched a new shoe specifically designed for children – kid canvas casual shoes. This shoe is made from selected canvas fabric and is very suitable for children to wear in hot summer weather.

Product Features

Upper: Upper is Selected 5A-grade canvas. This canvas is dry and breathable. It can ensure that the feet remain cool and comfortable at all times.

Lining: The lining choose baby-friendly material with 0 formaldehyde and 0 fluorescence.

Outsole: A new anti-slip rubber outsole is used. It provides considerate anti-slip comfort and wear resistance.

Colors: Available in various colors such as black, white, yellow, and purple to meet the individual needs of different children.

kid canvas casual shoes factory

Extremely Convenient Magic Tab: The design of the shoelace decoration plus the magic tab is convenient for wearing. 

Roadtek advantage

Environmental Concept: We understand that the development of a company should not come at the expense of the environment. Therefore, in the process of producing shoes, we actively adopt eco-friendly materials. It used recyclable materials as much as possible. The canvas and mesh lining we use meet international environmental standards. This eco-friendly concept not only aligns with the development trends of today’s society but also meets the needs of buyers for green products.

Research and Development Strength: We have an experienced R&D team dedicated to the design and innovation of children’s footwear. Our R&D team keeps up with fashion trends and continuously studies the characteristics of children’s foot growth. We ensure that the new products developed not only have a stylish and novel design but also meet the needs of children in terms of functionality.

Supply Chain Management: We have a comprehensive supply chain management system. It can ensure efficient operations at every stage from raw material procurement to finished product shipment. We have established long-term stable relationships with suppliers, ensuring stable and reliable raw material supply and quality.

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