magic tape canvas shoes

Upper: Canvas

Outsole: Rubber

Lining: Mesh


Providing the best for children’s childhood, ensuring their safety and comfort on their growth path. Roadtek’s new magic tape canvas shoes for children are practical and full of childlike fun.

Material and Craftsmanship

First, the upper part of these children’s shoes is canvas. This material is light and breathable, keeping children’s feet dry. The soles are made of wear-resistant rubber, which, after fine polishing, ensure both grip and comfort during walking. The inner lining is made of soft mesh material, which not only increases the shoe’s breathability but also ensures comfort even after long hours of wear.

Comfort and Safety

Then, to ensure children’s safety during play, we add a shock-absorbent design to the toe area. This detail effectively reduces the damage to toes from accidental collisions. The anti-slip outsole design allows children to walk stably on various surfaces. The combination of breathable fabric and supportive insoles provides all-day comfort for the children.

The magic tape design is a major highlight of these shoes. It makes wearing and removing the shoes exceptionally easy, even for young children. This design not only facilitates parents but also helps children take a small step towards self-care.

magic tape canvas shoes

About Roadtek

Roadtek is a company that has been specializing in the shoe industry for over 20 years, involved in foreign trade and export. It earnes the trust of customers with its exquisite craftsmanship and strict quality control. We are proficient in vulcanization and cold bonding processes, committed to providing comfortable, safe, and stylish footwear for children worldwide.

factory of kid shoes with wide toe box

Maintenance and Care

To ensure that the shoes can accompany children for a long time, we recommend that parents regularly wipe the upper with a damp cloth to remove stains. Avoid soaking the shoes in water to prevent damage to their structure and durability. When storing the shoes, please keep them in a dry and well-ventilated place to maintain their best condition.

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