New Fashion Canvas Shoes

Upper: Microfiber leather

Insole: Hipoly

Lining: Cotton fabric

Construction: Vulcanization

Logo: Customised


New Fashion Canvas Shoes presented by Roadtekshoes are fashionable and comfortable, versatile and timeless. Twenty years of professional manufacturing experience, combined with environmental protection and innovative concepts, brings you a dual guarantee of quality and service.

Features of new fashion canvas shoes

stripes of New Fashion Canvas Shoes

This canvas shoe features a classic white color scheme, showcasing a minimalist yet elegant style that is versatile and timeless. The side of the shoes is designed with blue and white stripes. Besides, it breaks the monotony of traditional monochrome canvas shoes, injecting more fashion and vitality, and greatly enhancing their aesthetics.

The upper is made of microfiber leather material, which is flexible and wear-resistant, while also adding texture to the shoes. What’s more, the insole is made of sea glass material, which has good breathability and moisture absorption. That can effectively relieves foot moisture during walking and maintaining dryness.

leather New Fashion Canvas Shoes
heel of New Fashion Canvas Shoes

The inner lining is made of cotton material, which is soft and comfortable, fitting the foot shape, making it more comfortable to wear. In terms of production technology, advanced vulcanization technology is adopted to firmly bond the sole and upper. 

Professional vulcanizational technology

New Year Order Management

 Roadtekshoes’ professional vulcanization process factory provides you with quality assurance. As a professional vulcanization process factory, we have accumulated over twenty years of production experience in the field of canvas shoes. We have a deep understanding of the demand for canvas shoes in both domestic and international markets. So, we can confidently ensure that our product design and quality are highly in line with market demand.Not only that, we also focus on environmental protection and innovation. Continuously improving factory processes and product quality, we are committed to providing customers more environmentally friendly, comfortable, and fashionable products. To ensure product quality, we have assembled a group of professional design departments and quality testing departments within the industry. From design to production, and then to quality testing, every step is strictly controlled.

slip on canvas shoes factory

In summary, white new fashion canvas shoes of Roadtekshoes provide you with a comfortable and beautiful wearing experience. With 20 years of professional manufacturing experience and in-depth understanding of the market, we firmly believe that we can provide you with the best products and services. Choosing us means choosing quality and trust.If you like our product, please contact us quickly! We guarantee you the most affordable price!

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