Platform canvas shoes

Upper: Canvas

Outsole: Rubber

Lining: Mesh

Insole: Hipoly


In today’s trend, platform canvas shoes have become the favorite of young consumers. Its unique design not only meets the demand for personalized fashion but also stands out in the fiercely competitive market due to its comfortable wearing experience, making it a must-have in the shoe cabinets of young people.

About shoes

Crafted from high-quality canvas material. The upper ensures durability while providing excellent breathability. The lining consists of mesh material, renowned for its lightweight and breathable properties, ensuring dry and comfortable feet even on hot summer days. The outsole utilizes wear-resistant rubber, enhancing the shoes’ durability and slip resistance.

In addition, a major highlight of the platform canvas shoes is its specially designed elevated thick sole. This thick sole not only increases the wearer’s height, boosting confidence, but also helps alleviate fatigue from prolonged standing or walking to a certain extent. To further enhance the wearing experience. We have specially equipped the shoes with fiberglass insoles. It has excellent cushioning properties, effectively absorbing impact and protecting the wearer’s foot health.

Platform canvas shoes factory

About Service

For purchasing customers with orders exceeding 500 pairs. We offer a variety of customization options. Whether it’s color, material, or size, we can provide personalized customization according to the specific requirements of the customers, ensuring that each batch of products precisely meets the customer’s expectations.


For the existing color options, we offer a choice of 4 colors for this shoe. In addition to the classic black and white options. We also provide more personalized red and green colors to meet the diverse needs of young people.

Platform canvas shoes

How to order

Interested wholesalers or retailers can contact us for detailed product information and wholesale offers. Our sales team will provide you with professional service and support.

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