Vintage Canvas Shoes

Lace:Black cotton round lace
Outsole: Rubber
Lining: Breathable cotton mesh lining


Vintage canvas shoes never lose their cool, laidback vibe. This classic warm-weather footwear combines a relaxed styling with rugged durability. For summer adventures or casual everyday wear, high-quality canvas shoes deliver unmatched comfort, support and traction.

Our canvas shoes feature a generously wide toe box design that allows toes to spread naturally for stability. The roomy toe area prevents painful stubbing when worn without socks. The broad profile creates a stable base underfoot on all types of terrain.

The heel area provides firm support to anchor the back of the foot, preventing uncomfortable sliding and rubbing that can lead to blisters. The sturdy internal heel counter keeps the rearfoot locked in place for a secure stride.

The durable canvas fabric upper breathes exceptionally well in hot weather. Superior airflow keeps feet cool, dry and odor-free for healthier comfort. The cotton canvas also molds to the exact shape of the foot over time for a personalized contoured fit.

The non-slip rubber outsole utilizes a lugged tread pattern to grip most surfaces. Strategically placed lugs deliver dependable traction whether on a slippery boat deck or muddy woodland trail. The flexible vulcanized construction ensures a natural stride.

At the manufacturing level, premium-grade cotton canvas is cut and stitched to precise specifications for consistent quality. The rubber outsole is compression-molded for even thickness and then securely cemented to the upper.  Experienced workers hand-apply the finishes and durable metal eyelet grommets.

machine of high top canvas shoes women's

The factory has over 50 years of experience expertly crafting vintage canvas shoes.  Their time-perfected construction techniques ensure many seasons of use.  Each pair undergoes rigorous inspections before being shipped to retailers worldwide.

factory of high top canvas shoes women's

For endless summer adventures or laidback everyday style, vintage canvas shoes deliver iconic comfort, support and versatility.  Their classic appeal and rugged dependability remain in demand year after year.  Discover why these timeless kicks have stayed popular decade after decade.