White casual shoes


Eyelet:Round aluminium eyelet



Insole:Foam +fabric


In life, black and white as the most common two colors have always existed everywhere. Both black and white are also popular in clothing. White casual shoes are very common in daily life because of their easy to wear and comfortable characteristics.

White casual shoes

Design and material

Our white casual shoes are made of high-quality materials to ensure both comfort and durability. The upper is made of lightweight and breathable canvas to keep your feet fresh and dry. The insole is made of high elastic foam combined with soft fabric to provide a good cushioning effect. The sole is made of rubber material, which is non-slip and durable.

casual shoes detail

Prices and preferential policies

As a large scale supplier, we usually serve large orders. For large orders, we offer additional discounts and special offers to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Detailed pricing and offers can be obtained by contacting us.

After-sales service and support

We always care about customer satisfaction, so providing comprehensive after-sales service and support is our commitment. Whether it is a consultation during the purchase process or a problem encountered in the use of the product, we will provide quick response and professional support. In terms of return policy and after-sales technical support, we ensure that you can enjoy perfect service after choosing our products.

The company has passed the factory inspection of WALMART, TARGET and TESCO, and the main brands are BATA,B FIRST,NORTH STAR,GUESS,AMERICAN RIVER,DUNLOP,VOLLEY. Products are mainly exported to the United States, Japan, Europe, Australia, South Africa and other countries.

Company activity

At Roadtek, we not only focus on building quality products and expanding results, but also pay more attention to the happiness and development of our employees. We hold various group building and tourism activities on a regular basis. Give employees plenty of leisure time and entertainment opportunities. For example, outdoor expansion, cultural experience, etc., so that everyone can relax and enhance feelings after work.

In addition, we also regularly organize employees to conduct public welfare activities, so that everyone has the opportunity to quit work and fulfill the social responsibility of the company.

social responsibility of activity

White casual shoes are a very common and classic choice to wear. Choose Roadtek products, you can not only enjoy quality goods and services, but also get more benefits and professional support. If you are interested in our products or companies, we welcome you to contact us at any time.