Youth white canvas shoes

Upper: Canvas and cotton

Lining: Cotton

Outsole: Rubber

Logo: Custom

Construction: Vulcanization

MOQ: 500 Pairs


The comfort and breathability of these youth white canvas shoes can’t be beat. And they even added fashionable Chinese elements.Even in the hot summer, you can travel cool and easily increase your personal charm.

Details of youth white canvas shoes

details of youth white canvas shoes

We put a lot of effort into comfort and fashion presentation. Take a closer look at every detail about them. Then, I’m sure you won’t be able to put it down.

First of all, the upper surface is made of canvas and cotton, which is very soft and skin-friendly. Coupled with the comfortable and breathable cotton lining, you will enjoy the most comfortable wearing experience. What’s more, the subtlety of shoe design also lies in the pattern and button design on the upper. The pattern is inspired by traditional Chinese painting and China’s unique embroidery technology. The two combine to bring the pattern to life. The design of the buttons is full of Chinese heritage. In particular, we used the time-honored Chinese buckle. This design adds to the overall sophistication and beauty of the shoe.

Secondly, there are many canvas shoes that can rub your feet. The sponge we fill in the heel can effectively prevent this phenomenon from happening. In addition, in order to adapt to all foot types, we have repeatedly adjusted the last shape and details to make your feet more comfortable.

Focus on product development and innovation

team of youth white canvas shoes

The reason why Roadtekshoes has been able to maintain a foothold in the field of canvas shoes for 20 years is precisely because we have always insisted on product innovation. Our factory has assembled a R&D and design team composed of industry professionals. They have exquisite craftsmanship and are always aware of industry trends. Besides the existing more than 2,000 styles, we can also provide more than 30 new products every year. Whether you are a fashionista or a working white-collar worker, we can meet your needs.

Strictly control product quality

We always put product quality first. The factory has established a scientific and complete quality management system. At the same time, there will be a professional quality control team checking the quality multiple times in all aspects of product production. Just like this, we successfully passed the ISO certification.

QC of youth white canvas shoes

The youth white canvas shoes full of Chinese culture and traditional elements are unmatched by many products. If you are also someone who has requirements for fashion and products, you are welcome to buy our products.

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