Production technology of casual shoes

The production technology of casual shoes is similar to that of leather shoes, primarily involving the making of the upper and the combination of the outsole.

Upper Making Process


The first step in the production of casual shoes is the cutting of upper components. This process converts patterns into upper components. Cutting is mainly done using cutting machines, which produce components with minimal errors and a neat and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Production technology of casual shoes


Stitching is an important process following cutting. Various upper components produces during cutting are in a certain way and stitches together to form a complete upper. During the sewing process, a series of processes such as gluing, printing, and laminating are the upper components.

Outsole Combination Process

There are mainly five different techniques for outsole combination, including adhesive bonding, vulcanization, stitching, injection molding, and compression molding. The most commonly used techniques for combining the upper and outsole in casual shoe production are adhesive bonding, vulcanization, and injection molding.

Cement Shoes:

Most sports shoes use this method for the combination of upper and outsole. When using this process, it is necessary to mark and draw glue lines on the upper to prevent the glue from being higher than the bottom wall or unevenly applied. Additionally, appropriate adhesives and treatment methods must be different upper and outsole materials.

Vulcanize Shoes:

Vulcanization can combine the upper and outsole when producing mid-to-low-end sports shoe products. This process is  for canvas sports shoes and synthetic leather leisure sports shoes. Vulcanization involves heating a rubber block, changing its properties, and finally shaping it into a finished product that is then bonded to the upper.

Injection Molded Shoes:

Injection molding is a process that mainly uses molds and injection molding machines to produce casual shoes with a one-time molding design. The materials for the upper and outsole of this product are the same, or more accurately, the upper and outsole are one integral part.

That’s the production technology of casual shoes. If you want to get more information about casual shoe suppliers, Roadtek will be your best partner.