Explore the production process of making canvas shoes

Let’s take a look at the production process of making canvas shoes. As a fashion product that has been popular for a hundred years, canvas shoes are popular for their simple design and durability. But you know what? Behind each pair of canvas shoes is the wisdom and sweat of countless craftsmen. 

First, selection of raw materials of the production process

the production process of selecting materials

The quality of canvas shoes comes first from high-quality raw materials. We use natural rubber as the sole to ensure wear-resistant and non-slip; The canvas is made of a delicate, thick cotton material that has been processed in multiple processes to ensure its durability.


Second, the sole production

The sole is the cornerstone of espadrilles. We use an advanced vulcanization process to tightly bind the rubber sole to the canvas. The vulcanization process not only enhances the abrasion resistance and comfort of the sole, but also improves the durability of the entire product.

the production process of sole production

Third, upper cutting and stitching of the production process

Canvas Shoes for Girls factory

The creation of the upper is a key part of the whole process. Our workers will first use the most advanced cutting equipment to cut. This ensures that each piece of fabric is cut precisely. Workers would then sew the pieces of the canvas together through a sewing machine.

Fourth, processing details

A pair of high-quality canvas shoes with authentic details. We pay attention to every detail, such as the fastening of the lace holes, the stitching of the collar, etc., and strive to be the most exquisite.

Fifth, quality inspection

At every step of the production process, there are strict quality inspection links. We use testing equipment to carry out strict quality control on each pair of shoes to ensure that the quality of every pair of shoes sold can meet the standards and satisfy you.

the production process of canvas shoes factory

The production process of canvas shoes is not only the inheritance of skills, but also the insistence on quality. From the selection of raw materials to the inspection of quality, every step embodies our efforts and rigor. It is this insistence that makes our canvas shoes a worthy choice for countless consumers in the market. In today’s pursuit of fashion and quality, we believe that this vulcanization process continues to develop and update to bring more satisfactory products to more people. Let’s look forward to the advent of more classic canvas shoes and witness the power of quality!