Why do canvas shoes turn yellow

Many peoplehave found that their canvas shoes turn yellow after wearing them for a period of time. This will seriously affect the aesthetics. And this article will analyze it from multiple aspects and explore its reasons.

The reason of canvas shoes ture yellow

Why do canvas shoes turn yellow

Shoe quality: Some shoes are made from low-quality materials, such as low-quality leather or synthetic leather. These materials tend to fade or yellow easily.

Improper cleaning methods: If inappropriate cleaning agents or detergents are used during shoe cleaning, the color of the shoes may turn yellow. At the same time, if too strong a decontamination brush is used for scrubbing, the shoes will also turn yellow.

Exposure to the sun or moisture: Long-term exposure to sunlight or moisture can easily affect the color of your shoes and turn them yellow.

Oxidation: Some shoe materials may undergo an oxidation reaction after prolonged exposure to oxygen in the air.

Used for too long: With long-term wear, dirt and sweat stains will penetrate into the interior of the shoes and cause the shoes to turn yellow.


Based on the above reasons, effective measures can be taken to reduce the occurrence of this situation.

When cleaning, use neutral detergent and avoid using too strong abrasive brushes.

When drying after cleaning, be careful to avoid direct sunlight. You can start by wrapping your shoes in toilet paper. Then place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

For shoes that will not be worn for a long time, keep them in a dry and ventilated place. Also be careful to avoid direct sunlight.

For shoes that have turned yellow, you can refer to our previously published articles to deal with them.

canvas shoes turn yellow

There are many reasons  about why canvas shoes turn yellow. It includes material characteristics, oxidation reaction, cleaning methods and storage environment. In order to maintain the beauty of canvas shoes and extend their service life, we need to pay attention to these aspects.