Will canvas shoes shrink?

The problem that canvas shoes shrink has always been controversial. We will discuss in depth from the characteristics of canvas and canvas shoes.

Characteristics of canvas

canvas fabric

Canvas is a fabric made of cotton or linen as the main raw material. This fabric is tough, light and durable. What’s more, its characteristics are that its microstructure is loose and breathable. And it has certain wear resistance and tensile resistance. It is precisely because of these characteristics that it is easy to deform and produce creases when subjected to external forces.

About the canvas shoes shrink

In actual use, canvas shoes do have the possibility of wrinkling. This is mainly attributed to the characteristics of the material itself. In addition, the extrusion and friction of the foot on the upper during exercise is also one of the reasons for the wrinkling of the upper. However, this wrinkling phenomenon does not have a significant impact on the performance and comfort of the shoes. This is also the reason why most people can accept their wrinkling. Imagine that as the wearing time increases, the upper will gradually form a unique wrinkled texture. This adds a different charm to the aesthetics.

shrink canvas shoes

Our high-quality canvas shoes

When wearing Roadtekshoes products, you don’t have to worry about the problem of wrinkling shoes. First of all, we use high-quality canvas materials. This makes up for the defect of loose fibers in ordinary canvas, so its tensile resistance is better. Secondly, we have also made innovations and improvements in the production process. We use more advanced stitching technology. This further improves the durability and stability of the shoes. In addition, we also carry out special vulcanization treatment on our products. This can effectively reduce the deformation and shrinkage of the upper during wear.

The trouble that our canvas shoes shrink or wrinkle will never happen. Therefore, you can buy our products with confidence. High-quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship and special subsequent treatment processes are all reasons for you to choose us. Take action quickly and enjoy the comfortable experience brought to you by our products!