Roadtekshoes introduces advanced production lines

The Roadtekshoes has once again achieved a breakthrough by successfully introducing advanced production lines. We will improve the production capacity and quality of vulcanized canvas shoes.

Advanced production lines enhance vulcanization canvas shoe production capacity

advanced production lines of roadtekshoes

Our factory actively responds to the global market demand for vulcanized canvas shoes. We increases technological innovation and equipment investment, introduces advanced production lines, and improves the production capacity of vulcanized canvas shoes. The new production line has highly automated and intelligent characteristics, effectively reducing production costs. What’s more,we also solve the problem of errors in human operation, significantly improving the production efficiency of vulcanized canvas shoes.

Strict quality control, with a 100% factory pass rate

canvas shoes in white factory

While increasing production, the factory has never relaxed its control over product quality. The newly introduced advanced production line is equipped with precision quality inspection equipment, which strictly tests each vulcanized canvas shoe. That’s why we ensure that the product qualification rate reaches 100%. Not only that,we have also established a comprehensive quality management system, strictly controlling every step from raw material procurement to production process execution. And then it product factory inspection to ensure that every pair of products has excellent quality.

In addition to providing large-scale production, our factory also provides customized services tailored to the personalized needs of different consumers. Consumers can request customization through the official website or offline stores of the factory. The factory will customize according to the needs of consumers, from colors, materials to design details, fully meeting their personalized needs.

The Roadtekshoes has successfully improved the production capacity and quality of vulcanized canvas shoes by introducing advanced production lines. Meantime, strict quality control, providing customized services have made our position as a global clothing solution supplier more stable. In the future, we will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, pursue excellent quality, meet personalized needs and provide better products and services to global consumers.