Understanding the Factors Behind Leather Shoes Fading

The phenomenon of leather shoes fading and developing stains on the inside is a common issue encountered by many individuals. Often, when people notice their leather shoes fading, they jump to the conclusion that the leather must be fake or of poor quality. However, the truth is, even high-quality leather is prone to fading, especially in humid or hot environments, and consistent wear without proper maintenance can accelerate the fading process.

Why Genuine Leather Shoes Fade

1.Natural Pores and Color Processing: High-quality leather is derived from the top layer of an animal’s skin and possesses natural pores. The color of leather is achieved through a dip or transfection process. Regardless of the leather’s quality or price, it is prone to fading as a result of its natural characteristics.

2.Environmental Factors: Leather shoes are susceptible to fading when exposed to humid or hot environments. The combination of moisture and heat can cause the dye used in the coloration process to leach out, resulting in fading. Additionally, prolonged exposure to sunlight may accelerate the fading process.

Why Some Cheap Shoes Don't Fade

Use of Fixing Agents: Cheaper shoes on the market may appear to resist fading due to the incorporation of fixing agents. Fixing agents are crucial auxiliaries in the printing and dyeing industry, improving color fastness of dyes on fabrics. These agents form insoluble colored substances with dyes to enhance washing, perspiration fastness, and sometimes light fastness. However, the use of such chemical agents may not be skin-friendly.

Understanding why leather shoes fading involves acknowledging the natural characteristics of genuine leather, the processing methods applied, and the use of fixatives in cheaper alternatives.  While high-grade leather boasts natural qualities that make it susceptible to fading, cheaper shoes may employ chemical agents to maintain color, raising concerns about environmental and health implications. Regardless of the type of shoes, it’s essential to embrace fading as a natural part of the leather’s aging process and practice proper maintenance to prolong their aesthetic appeal.In the next article we will introduce how to care for leather shoes to reduce fading.