Chinese and Indian Footwear Suppliers

The footwear industry has always been one of the most competitive industries. Chinese footwear suppliers have made significant progress in the past decade, leading the global market with their quality products at affordable prices. Similarly, Indian footwear suppliers have made strides in recent years by offering low-cost products. This article will compare Chinese and Indian footwear suppliers.

Who has more experience

China has a large number of footwear factories that have been operational for decades, making it easier for them to produce high-quality shoes. In contrast, most Indian footwear manufacturers are relatively new to the market.

Therefore, compared to India, China has significantly higher experience and skills in the footwear manufacturing industry.

chinese and indian footwear suppliers

Materials Comparison

China is self-sufficient in producing the raw materials required for footwear, and exports them to footwear manufacturers outside of China.

China is one of the largest raw material manufacturers in the world because it has abundant natural resources, including water and wood, which are components needed for leather and other footwear. These resources help to reduce costs while helping manufacturers provide high-quality shoes at low prices.

In contrast, India is forced to import raw materials from other countries, mainly China.

It is clear that the cost of importing raw materials from other countries is higher than local production. As a result, Indian footwear suppliers are forced to use lower-quality materials to produce their shoes.

Production Machinery

In addition to raw materials, the machinery used to manufacture shoes should also be the latest and equipped with advanced technology.

Similar to raw materials, China is also a leader in footwear machinery manufacturing, giving Chinese footwear suppliers an advantage in obtaining the latest and most advanced machinery. This helps them reduce manufacturing costs, increase production capacity, and improve quality.

In contrast, Indian footwear suppliers are far behind in acquiring the latest technology to compete with Chinese footwear suppliers.

After considering the above factors, it is easy to infer that China is better than India in footwear manufacturing.

The main reason behind this is the measures that footwear suppliers take to reduce production costs and improve quality. Therefore, if you are considering partnering with a reliable footwear manufacturing supplier for your footwear business, we welcome you to contact us for more information about Roadtek.