How to soften canvas shoes

Using the correct method to soften canvas shoes will reduce the occurrence of foot grinding. If the newly purchased canvas shoes are made of hard material or have size issues, you will need to consider this issue. So, what should be done?

Softening the Situation of Canvas Shoes

soften canvas shoes

We need to understand why the canvas shoes grind your feet at first. Firstly, the material of canvas shoes is relatively hard. Especially newly purchased shoes need some time to adapt to the shape of your feet. The second is improper size selection. Shoe sizes that are too large or too small will cause foot wear. Therefore, when purchasing, you must first choose the appropriate size. Make sure the shoe hugs the top of the foot without any pinching or excessive gaps.

Hair dryer

To solve the problem of strong materials, we need to make good use of hair dryers. Keep the hair dryer at an appropriate distance from the shoes and blow the shoes forcefully for one to two minutes. It should be noted that the hair dryer must not be directly attached to the surface of the shoes, as this will directly damage the material.

White vinegar

soften canvas shoes with vinegar

Use a towel dipped in some white vinegar and wrap it around the area where you grind your feet. Then let it sit overnight for the softening to take place. This method is also suitable for grinding the inside of the heel or the toe of the foot. If you don’t have white vinegar, low-alcohol alcohol will work just as well. Adhering to the principle of small amounts and multiple times, the softening effect will be more obvious.


You can use soap or candles to apply on the edges that are prone to scratching your feet. In this way, in addition to smoothing the edges of the shoes, it can also reduce friction between the new shoes and the feet.

Soften canvas shoes that are too tight

Newspaper soaking method

soften canvas shoes with newspaper

Knead the dough into a ball and dip it in a little water. Then wrap a piece of dry newspaper and stuff it into the area where the shoe rubs your feet. Be sure to tuck in to hold up the shoes. This method can effectively stretch the shoes and soften the material of the shoes. If you have a shoe stretcher at home, you can also use it.

Through the above methods, we can effectively soften canvas shoes and solve the problem of foot grinding. As long as you master these methods, the canvas shoes in your hands can bring you a comfortable experience.