High-capacity cement shoe factory available for collaboration

Looking for a reliable cement shoe factory to fulfill your production needs? Look no further! Our state-of-the-art production lines are ready to meet your demands. With a 40-meter line boasting a daily capacity of 3000 pairs and a 70-meter line with a capacity of 5000 pairs, we are well-equipped to handle large-scale orders. As the global economy experiences a downturn, we are offering cost-effective solutions to minimize losses and seeking new collaborations. Read on to learn more about our production capabilities.

Our 40-meter cement shoe production line is currently in full operation. With advanced technology and skilled workers, we are able to achieve a daily output of 3000 pairs. Our commitment to quality and efficiency ensures that each pair meets the highest standards. Whether you require athletic shoes, casual footwear, or any other style, our versatile production line can accommodate your needs.

cement shoe factory

Furthermore, we have an idle 70-meter production line that has remained unused for the past six months due to the global economic slowdown. However, we see this as an opportunity to forge new partnerships. In order to minimize losses and expand our clientele, we are willing to offer competitive rates for production on this line. By collaborating with us, you can benefit from our extensive experience, cutting-edge technology, and cost-effective solutions.

In conclusion, our cement shoe factory is equipped with two production lines, offering a total capacity of 8000 pairs per day. With a 40-meter line running at 3000 pairs and a 70-meter line with the potential for 5000 pairs, we have the capability to fulfill large-scale orders efficiently. As we navigate through the challenges posed by the global economic downturn, we are actively seeking new collaborations to expand our clientele. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your production needs while optimizing costs