Near the Spring Festival, Roadtek factory production orders

The factory rushed orders before the Spring Festival

On the afternoon of February 4, the factory floor of Roadtek Footwear Company was bustling with activity. Despite the approaching Spring Festival, the dedicated workers remained steadfastly committed to their tasks, diligently fulfilling the production orders.

production orders

Shandong Roadtek Shoes Co., LTD., is a self-owned import and export rights, to produce all kinds of high-grade canvas rubber shoes based enterprises. At present, it has formed five series of fashion casual sports shoes, football shoes, labor shoes, children’s shoes and light women’s shoes. The company was established in 1997 and the export business began in 2002. With 10 international level shoemaking lines and advanced complete product quality testing equipment. The annual production capacity of 10 million pairs.

slip on canvas shoes factory

Jack, production manager of the factory, said, “Our company mainly produces export products, and orders have been lined up until after the Spring Festival. Drive the local new people more than 700 people into the factory employment. While driving 200 people at home employment. Now we work overtime to focus on production, will complete all orders. In order not to delay the staff to go home for New Year’s Eve. Everyone worked all night. We have an order for 30000 pairs of shoes to be completed before the Spring Festival. For employees who work overtime, we will also pay extra overtime expenses and subsidies in strict accordance with the regulations.”

Corporate culture of Roadtek

The main reason why the company organizes factory employees to work overtime to complete orders is Roadtek’s operating principle: integrity. In the company’s corporate culture, integrity is regarded as the most important point. Honesty is a good character . And a person who speaks honesty represents that he is a civilized person. Honest people, everywhere welcome; People who are not honest, people will ignore his existence. Therefore, each of us should be honest. Integrity is the way of people, is the foundation of doing things, but also the foundation of enterprises in society.

In conclusion, the dedication and hard work of the employees at Roadtek Footwear Company in fulfilling the production orders before the Spring Festival exemplify the company’s commitment to integrity and excellence. The successful completion of the production orders not only showcases the expertise and efficiency of the factory team but also highlights the company’s ability to meet the demands of the global market.