How to paint canvas shoes?

Have you ever thought about how to paint canvas shoes? Today, I will recommend the simplest way to help you implement this idea.

Preparation work about how to paint canvas shoes

How to paint canvas shoes

Firstly, you need to prepare a pair of white canvas shoes or light colored canvas shoes. If not, other dark shoes are also acceptable. But it needs to be pre-coated with color. Regarding pigments and brushes, acrylic pigments are more recommended. Compared to other pigments, acrylic not only does not fade after washing with water, but also does not crack afterwards. This can help you save your finished work as much as possible and achieve a more perfect preservation effect. Meanwhile, you also need to prepare a pencil and various types of line markers. For the paintings on canvas shoes, I recommend using model line marker which size is 0 to 000. These types of pens can make the work more exquisite. If you are pursuing more detailed and perfect works, you can prepare some decorations to put on the shoelaces or embroider.

Painting process

paint canvas shoes' materials

If you have all the above materials but still have the trouble of not being able to draw, it’s just two points. One is the issue of color matching, and the other is about what to draw. These are all very simple, you can search online for color matching cards or simple strokes to solve these problems. Next, let’s learn how to draw canvas shoes together.The first step is to draft with a pencil. During this process, it is important to note that the strokes should be lightly. If you make a mistake or want to make modifications, you can use an eraser to draw the wrong part. The second part needs to color the main characters and background. In this process, it is important to note that the pen should be written quickly, neatly, and decisively.The final step is to deal with some details. Use the thinnest 000 line marker to mark the edges of the character. This can allow for a deeper depiction of details.


To paint canvas shoes can help you reuse those canvas shoes that you think are outdated and cause them to fall into dust. At the same time, it can also make your dressing more prominent in your personal style. Quickly pick up your paintbrush and paint with us, making your canvas shoes a unique existence!