Canvas shoes running

Upper: Synthetic leather and canvas

Lining: Cotton

Outsole: Rubber

Lace: Cotton

Construction: Vulcanization


In today’s pursuit of comfort and fashion, we combine the current fashion trends to launch theses canvas shoes running. Not only do they have novel designs, they also pay attention to the wearing experience. Allowing you to enjoy the trend while also feeling unparalleled comfort.

Features of canvas shoes running

feature of canvas shoes running

Our vulcanized shoes are made from premium synthetic leather and fabric fabrics. This makes the shoe soft and breathable, keeping your feet dry and comfortable even in the summer. Besides, the fabric has been specially treated to have good wear resistance. And it is not easy to wear after being worn for a long time. At the same time, the breathable cotton lining of the shoes can effectively absorb moisture and sweat.The comfortable heel design is a highlight of this product. It not only provides solid support, but also has a significant heightening effect, making your posture more upright and confident.

In addition, the rubber outsole is synonymous with slip resistance and wear resistance. We specifically use this material. Whether on slippery roads or rugged mountain roads, it can keep you moving forward steadily.

Strictly control quality

factory of canvas shoes running

Roadtek shoes is a factory with more than twenty years of experience. And we are always committed to providing high-quality, high-comfort canvas shoes. In order to ensure that every pair of shoes meets strict quality standards, we have established a professional quality control team and implemented a strict quality management system. What’s more, we can also provide you with corresponding certificates and certifications according to your needs. That allows you to purchase without worry.

Pay attention to environmental protection

workshop of canvas shoes running

While pursuing economic benefits, we pay more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation. We actively cooperate with new material companies to reprocess and reuse hazardous waste fabrics. In this way, it not only reduces production costs and makes the price very competitive, but also reduces pollution emissions.

These canvas shoes running focus on quality and fashion, and will give you the most satisfying wearing experience. Choose us and feel the joy of life with your feet together!

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