Canvas slip on shoes for women

Upper: Canvas
Outsole: Rubber
Insole: Hi-poly
Lining: Cotton fabric


Welcome to Roadtek vulcanized shoes manufacturing factory. Recently, we launched a new product specifically designed for women – canvas slip on shoes for women.  Whether shopping, dating or walking in the park, it is ideal for you.

Canvas slip on shoes for women

Product features

Upper: A wear-resistant canvas fabric is used to add lightness and style to the shoe, while ensuring comfort and breathability.

Outsole: Made of rubber material, it has excellent grip and durability, making your step more stable and safe.

Insole : Hipoly material provides superior cushioning and support.

Lining: The lining of cotton fabric is comfortable and skin friendly, can absorb moisture and sweat, and keep the shoes fresh and dry.

About Roadtek

The company was founded in 1999 and has been engaged in export business since 2002. We have our own team and our own factory. Whether in the pre-sale, production, after-sales aspects of the product we can directly solve for you.

Factory advantages

Advanced technology: We have an experienced and skilled production team to ensure the stability of product quality.

Quality materials: We use only the highest quality raw materials, from canvas upper to rubber outsole, every detail is carefully screened to ensure quality and durability.

Quality Assurance: We adopt a strict quality inspection system, including raw material inspection, production process control and final product inspection, to ensure that every pair of shoes meets international standards and customer expectations.

machines of white tennis shoes canvas
factory of canvas shoes custom design

Social Services

Education Support: We focus on education and support schools in the surrounding area by donating children’s shoes and books to help more children receive quality education.

Environmental advocacy: In the production process, we use environmentally friendly processes to minimize the impact on the environment. In order to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, our factory chose to reinstall a full set of solar power plants. Ensuring that every kilowatt-hour of electricity used in production is green helps the environment.

Through these actions, we integrate corporate responsibility into the development of society. We promise to fulfill the social responsibility of an enterprise.

social responsibility of Roadtekshoes
Social Welfare Activities

Choose roadtek’s canvas slip on shoes for women. Not only do you get a quality canvas shoe, but you also get to know an experienced footwear supply partner.