casual leather sneakers

Upper: Microfiber leather

Outsole: Rubber

Lining: Mesh

Insole: Hipoly


In the realm of fashion, where style meets quality, our company takes pride in presenting a new addition to our collection – the casual leather sneakers.  

Product information

casual leather sneakers

Premium superfiber leather upper: We carefully select premium superfiber leather materials for the upper of our sneakers, prioritizing comfort and durability.

Inside: The shoe interior features a hipoly insole and Mesh lining. Increase the overall comfort and support of the shoe.

Outsole: We use rubber material, commonly selected for vulcanized shoes, for the sole. The biggest feature of rubber soles is durability and good anti-slip performance.

casual shoes

Style Recommendations

We designed the shoes, focusing on classic elements. The body of the shoes is the most classic white, which meets the needs of various scenes. Wear them with jeans, slacks, or even formal wear.

Production strength

Since its establishment in 1999, Roadtek’s factory has been dedicated to providing high quality footwear products.

In the vulcanization technology, we have nearly 20 years of production experience. We have advanced production equipment and technology, as well as an experienced professional team. Vulcanization is a process that combines rubber with fabric or leather to give shoes better durability and comfort. Our technicians are able to precisely control the time and temperature of vulcanization, ensuring that the quality and performance of every pair of shoes meet the highest standards.

porductions' line of ladies canvas slip on shoes
factory of canvas shoes in black

Design strength

Our factory has a talented design team. The team held technical discussions with the design team in Italy at the 2023 show, and it was highly recognized. Our design team follows fashion trends and is able to personalize designs according to consumer needs and preferences. If you have additional requirements on the material, color and logo of the shoes, we will help you redesign.

Secondly, the assembly line in our factory is very flexible with strong customization capabilities. We can adjust the configuration and materials of the production line in time according to the special requirements of consumers. Whether it’s an individual consumer or a business customer, we offer products that are tailored to meet their specific needs.

To sum up, Roadtek’s factory offers significant advantages in terms of design and customization. Our casual leather sneakers are in line with contemporary youth aesthetic trends. If you are interested in the field of casual shoes or are looking for a good footwear supplier as a partner. We welcome you to contact us at any time.