Cleaning white canvas shoes

Upper: Microfiber leather

Insole: Hi-poly

Lining: Cotton fabric

Construction: Vulcanization

Logo: Custom


Canvas shoes are synonymous with fashion and soft, and our cleaning white canvas shoes have raised this concept to a new level. Simple pure white design is fashionable and multifunctional, so you can easily control any situation.

Features of cleaning white canvas shoes

Presented in a simple, all-white style, these canvas products are elegant and multifunctional, and will never be out of date. Microfiber leather is soft, well ventilated, and repeat the shape of feet, providing unparalleled comfort. Meantime, high-quality microfiber has the characteristics of soft and breathable, which can keep comfortable even if they are worn for a long time.

fashion cleaning white canvas shoes

Because the material of shoes is not easy to evaporate, it can be easily washed and kept fresh and clean. The design of ocean glass bearing and pure cotton bearing has excellent absorption and elastic effect. That’s why your feet are always dry in shoes. In addition, we adopt a professional vulcanization process, and the soles are elastic and not easy to break, which greatly prolongs the service life of shoes.

Professional factory

factory of cleaning white canvas shoes

As a professional sulfur factory, Roadtekshoes has a daily output of 5,000 pairs, which can be mass-produced. We can complete the orders of various products on time to meet the delivery needs of customers. Our factory is located near Qingdao Port, so it is very convenient to ship, land and air. Therefore, we provide various transportation options to ensure that your goods reach you completely and safely in the shortest time.


What’s more, we focus on innovative products and environmental protection. And we work closely with new materials companies to reuse harmful textile waste in leather processing, reducing production costs and protecting the environment. Therefore, our products have very high advantages in terms of price and quality.

Handmade process of cleaning white canvas shoes

With simple pure white design, cleaning white canvas shoes is the perfect combination of fashion and comfort. Besides, they possess high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship,  At Roadtekshoes, we are committed to providing quality products and competitive prices. When you choose us, you will appreciate fashionable, comfortable and durable sports shoes. Contact us to get a discount now!

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