Girls kids shoes

Upper: Canvas

Lining: Canvas

Outsole: Rubber

Style: Slip-on

Logo: Custom

MOQ: 500 pairs


The wear-resistant girls kids shoes we launched let children run freely, and parents don’t have to worry anymore! Don’t worry that children are active and lively, and their shoes are easy to wear out. 

Details of girls kids shoes

details of Girls kids shoes

These cavnas shoes are specially designed and developed for school-age children. As we all know, children at this stage are in a lively and active stage. What they need is a pair of shoes that can protect bone development and are comfortable and durable. This is also the reason why Roadtek shoes launched this batch of products. First of all, the upper uses fixed-woven and fixed-dyed washed canvas. The material is not only environmentally friendly and healthy, but also bright in color and does not fade after washing. This wear-resistant material is three-dimensional and wide, and it will not deform after long-term wear. Besides, the delicate and breathable canvas lining is friendly to the feet, making it very dry and comfortable. In addition, the overall weight of the shoe is very light, about the weight of one and a half eggs. That will allow children to run without any restraint and burden.

Complete product technology

factory of details of Girls kids shoes

As a large factory covering an area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters, we equip with advanced and professional production equipment. In order to meet different product needs, we have established cold bonding production lines and vulcanization production lines. So far, we have maintained a production speed of 20,000 pairs per day.

Diverse product styles

The factory has its own R&D and design team. The team members always pay attention to industry trends and market demand, and continuously develop innovative product styles. There are more than 2,000 styles in the sample library. What’s more, we will design more than 30 new styles every year based on the latest popular elements.

machine details of Girls kids shoes

Skin-friendly, soft and wear-resistant girls kids shoes are our latest products. Its materials and performance meet national standards, giving you more peace of mind. Wearing our children’s shoes, your children can play boldly and you can reduce the trouble of taking care of shoes.