Low flat canvas shoes

Upper: Canvas

Outsole: Rubber

Lining: Canvas


In the current fast-paced urban life, people have higher and higher requirements for comfort. So a pair of comfortable casual shoes become very important. Our latest low flat canvas shoes not only provide comfort but also feature a very stylish and classic design. 

Product Information

Canvas upper:

The shoes are made of lightweight canvas material. Canvas is a light and comfortable material. Whether it is walking on the street or daily work, it can bring you a relaxed and comfortable dress experience.

Colorful selection:

For this shoe, we offer a choice of two classic colors, black and white, to meet your different wear needs.

Wear resistant rubber outsole:

The outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber material to provide practical anti-slip performance. And the rubber wear characteristics also make this pair of shoes can be used for a long time.

Vent lining

The canvas material lining in casual shoes effectively ventilates sweat and keeps the shoes fresh and clean.

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Company Services

Personalized customization: We provide personalized customization services, customized products according to the special needs of customers, to meet the individual needs of different consumers, so that every customer can find the desired product.

Shoe customization

Customization scope: The scope of customization includes special shoe sizes, materials, and Logo labeling.

Proofing service: After receiving the order, we will send a customer service team to confirm with you. If you need special customization, you can tell us your needs. We will design and make samples according to your requirements. Upon confirming the sample’s quality, we will proceed with mass production. We’re going to mass produce it.

Dedicated sales team: For orders of more than 1000 pairs, we provide dedicated sales team to follow up orders throughout the process and solve problems in time. Whether it is the transportation problem of the product or the after-sales problem after receiving the product. We will provide our customers with the most comprehensive service and support.

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If you want to get the price of this pair of low flat canvas shoes or have other questions. We welcome you to contact us, we will be ready to answer.