Men’s casual canvas shoes

Upper: Canvas

Outsole: Rubber

Insole: EVA+fabric

Lining: Cotton fabric

Toe cap: Rubber

Construction: Vulcanization


The men’s casual canvas shoes have a fashionable appearance design and bright color combinations. And with its comfortable and soft foot feel, it has gained a large number of consumer purchases. Let’s explore its best-selling mystery together!

Highlights of men's suasual canvas shoes

These strap style canvas shoes are made of the most comfortable material.

feature of men's casual canvas shoes

 Firstly, the rubber cap wraps around the toes, serving to modify the foot shape and making the shoe more aesthetically pleasing. Its widened design fully increases the activity space of the toes, without the hassle of squeezing or grinding the feet. Secondly, the outsole is also uses rubber material, which has excellent elasticity and durability. The high friction coefficient of the original adhesive and unique water ripple design maximize the grip and friction performance. Additionally, the use of hollow out technology reduces the weight of the shoes, making lightness a major feature. What’s more, there are air holes on the shoe body. That allows for smooth and breathable air circulation inside and outside the shoe.

Professional vulcanization shoes factory

These canvas products come from a professional vulcanized shoe production factory: Roadtekshoes.

factory of men's casual canvas shoes

With over 20 years of experience in producing vulcanized shoes, we have expanded our market and exported our products to over 50 countries worldwide.We continuously improve our production and management systems to ensure that our products meet international standards. Besides, we provide comprehensive customized services. Our professional design team will provide products based on your requirements for color, style, logo, and even material. We can also provide you with professional product opinions and suggestions based on your expectations of product prices.

casual shoes supplier

These comfortable and lightweight men’s casual canvas shoes are popular. Not only that, they are suitable for pairing with various occasions. We also offer customized services to provide you with unique products.Feel free to contact us at any times.

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