Men’s vulcanized shoes

Upper: Synthetic leather and fabric

Lining: Cotton

Outsole: Rubber

Lace: Cotton

Construction: Vulcanization

Logo: Custom


We are excited to recommend men’s vulcanized shoes for you. These shoes give you comfortable and come in stylish colors. And we have three more colors for you to choose from.

Features of men's vulcanized shoes

High-quality and comfortable materials are their most important advantage.

feature of men's vulcanized shoes

Upper: The upper is made of synthetic leather and fabric upper. That is more comfortable and breathable. Coupled with the cotton lining design, the shoes are softer and more skin-friendly. Whether it’s in the hot summer or after a long workout, you still won’t feel stuffy in your feet. 

Heel: At the same time, the thickened heel design can support the soles of your feet more firmly, allowing you to walk comfortably. 

Outsole: Furthermore, the outsole uses high-quality rubber. Its advantage is that it is not only elastic and not easily deformed, but also has excellent anti-skid properties. The anti-slip pattern design of the sole further improves the anti-slip ability of the shoes. 

Colors: In addition, there have three different styles for you to choose from: white and pink, white and green, and blue with gray.


factory of men's vulcanized shoes

As a professional vulcanized shoe factory, Roadtek shoes’ annual export volume exceeds ten million pairs. The factory’s ten international-level production lines can well meet your order needs.

High transportation efficiency

What’s more, with our superior geographical location, our transportation is very convenient. This enables our products to reach you promptly and on time. In addition to product quantity, product quality is also where you can trust us. We gather industry professionals to form a quality control team.

Strict quality control

Besides, we have established a strict quality monitoring system. With these, our products have cooperated with many well-known brands at home and abroad and received unanimous praise. We promise to give you the most satisfactory products and services.

workshop of men's vulcanized shoes

To sum up, these men’s vulcanized shoes are stylish, comfortable and of good quality. Whether you are looking for a batch of high-quality canvas shoes or a professional vulcanization factory, you can contact us.

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