Sneakers shoes for womens

Upper:Cotton canvas and shiny PU
Eyelet:Round aluminum
Tongue:Cotton fabric
Lining:Cotton fabric


In today’s fast-paced life, comfortable and stylish shoes are a must for every woman. As a leading brand focused on creating stylish footwear for the modern woman, we are proud to launch our latest masterpiece – Sneakers shoes for womens.

Sneakers shoes for womens

Fashion and comfort

The shoes feature a cotton canvas and shiny PU upper. This gives the shoes a light and elegant look. The choice of this material also guarantees the durability of the shoes.

Comfort first

In addition to fashion, we also consider the comfort of the shoes. The tongue and inner of the shoe are made of soft cotton fabric, providing extreme comfort for your feet. The insole is made of Hipoly+Fabric material, which not only has good support, but also can effectively absorb foot sweat and keep the shoes fresh and dry.

canvas shoes

Every woman has a unique personality, so we have designed a variety of colors to meet the fashion needs of different women. If you have a favorite color can also contact us, we will redesign and customize for you.

canvas shoes color

Roadtek's advantage

Our canvas vulcanized shoes are based on large volume orders. As a vulcanized shoe factory, you can get the first-hand price directly through the manufacturer’s direct sales, which provides you with a more competitive price.

In the manufacturing process, we strictly follow the principle of high quality. Whether it is the screening of raw material suppliers, or the continuous upgrading of production equipment. In order to meet the production efficiency of large orders, the factory constantly upgrades the assembly line equipment. So far, it has been able to produce 10000 pairs of vulcanized shoes per day.

canvas shoes factory

Whether you’re strolling the streets of the city or exploring the great outdoors, our sneakers shoes for womens offer a comfortable, stylish experience. Follow Roadtek and contact us for more information. Choosing us as a supplier of canvas shoes is a decision you will not regret.