Stylish canvas shoes

Upper: Canvas

Eyelet: Aluminium eyelet

Lace: Flat cotton

Tongue: Canvas

Outsole: Rubber

Plate: Mesh

Insole: EVA+fabric

Lining: Cotton fabric


Looking for a non-slip, beautiful, comfortable and stylish canvas shoes? We have brought you a brand-new solution! Our canvas shoes are made of high-quality materials, with non-slip rubber soles and fashionable printed designs, which are light, comfortable, breathable and durable. More importantly, we also provide customized services to give you a unique canvas shoes experience!

The bottom of our canvas shoes is made of high-quality rubber material. That has excellent anti-slip performance and makes you walk more safely and stably on all kinds of ground. Besides, these canvas shoes are unique in design and adopt fashionable printed patterns. So that you can show your personality and fashion taste on any occasion. We choose light and comfortable rubber to make canvas shoes, so that you can wear them more easily. And you can enjoy a comfortable feeling whether you walk for a long time or wear them everyday. 

What’s more, the canvas shoes are made of breathable materials. It can effectively remove moisture from the feet and keep them dry and comfortable. At the same time, after careful production, canvas shoes have the characteristics of durability. So that you can use them for a long time without being easily worn.

Customized canvas shoes can meet your needs, whether as personal fashion accessories or as uniform equipment for teams or enterprises.

Roadtekshoes, as a professional factory, we posses rich experience in canvas shoes and other kind shoes. We provide customized services, so you have unique canvas shoes. You can choose your favorite print pattern, color, size, etc. We will make a pair of canvas shoes that fully meet your personal preferences according to your requirements. 

Fashionable and beautiful, comfortable and non-slip stylish canvas shoes make you confident and outstanding in various occasions. Our products not only have excellent performance and  wearing feeling, but also provide services to give you a unique experience. Contact us quickly and customize your exclusive canvas shoes!