Summer men’s canvas shoes

Upper: Cotton canvas
Eyelet: Round aluminum
Lace: Cotton
Tongue: Cotton fabric
Outsole: Rubber
Insole: Hipoly+Fabric
Lining: Cotton fabric


As summer approaches, you need a pair of shoes that are lighter and breathable. And for the choice of summer shoes naturally, canvas shoes. Its light, breathable and easy to clean characteristics make it the first choice for many people in the summer. If you’re also looking for the right pair of canvas shoes, check out our summer men’s canvas shoes

summer canvas shoes

Design Features

Upper: Crafted with comfortable cotton canvas fabric, our shoes are lightweight and breathable.

Outsole: Made with durable rubber, the outsole provides excellent traction and exceptional durability.

Insole: The insole is made with Hipoly material and comfortable cotton fabric, ensuring optimal comfort.

Lining: The shoes feature a cotton fabric lining that offers breathability and moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry.

Factory Strength

We take pride in our years of experience and commitment to quality. Moreover, our production strictly adheres to the ISO international quality management system to ensure that every pair of shoes meets our customers’ expectations.

At our factory, we have state-of-the-art vulcanizing machines and molding presses. The vulcanizing machine is the core equipment for manufacturing vulcanized shoes, utilizing precise temperature and pressure control to effectively bond rubber and other materials together. Additionally the molding presses are used to shape the rubber and other materials into the specific form and structure of the shoe.

In addition, we have advanced cutting machines and mixing mills. The cutting machine is used to precisely cut the rubber and other materials into the desired shapes and sizes.​ Similarly, the mixing mills are used to blend rubber and other additives to prepare the rubber compound needed for vulcanized shoes. Our mixing mills feature advanced mixing and heating systems, ensuring uniform blending of rubber and additives.

shoes factory

This summer, you may wish to choose a pair of our summer men’s canvas shoes. Our material selection and design provide you with a comprehensive wearing experience. And the strength of our factory is a strong guarantee to ensure that every pair of shoes meet customer expectations.