White canvas slip on shoes

Upper: Canvas

Eyelet: Round aluminium eyelet

Outsole: Rubber

Insole: Foam+fabric

Construction: Vulcanization

Logo: Custom


White canvas slip on shoes are one of the most popular styles of canvas shoes in recent years. As a vulcanized product, it is not only cheap but also flexible in combination. Wearing these shoes, you can attend various occasions such as workshops, outdoor sports, leisure gatherings, etc.

Features of white canvas slip on shoes

The pure white exterior combined with a minimalist design is one of the reasons why this product is very popular among young people. The shoes are made of high quality and soft canvas fabric. This fabric has a soft texture and sweat absorption. Meanwhile, the outsoleuses natural rubber material. Rubber has elasticity, which can alleviate impact and provide good support for your feet.

feature of white canvas slip on shoes

 This way, even vigorous exercise will not harm your ankles and knees. In addition, rubber has good functions of slip resistant. Even on smooth floors, it can help you walk steadily. In order to leverage the advantages of rubber, we use transparent rubber on both the outsole and inside of the shoes. This greatly improves its purity and anti slip performance.


In addition to high-quality and affordable products, we also have a professional vulcanization process factory. Our factory has over 20 years of production experience, and vulcanized shoes are one of our product categories.

workshop of white canvas slip on shoes

While maintaining the advantages of traditional vulcanization processes, our factory places greater emphasis on innovation and research and development. We cooperate with advanced material companies both domestically and internationally to develop various products that are in line with the trend of the times.

factory of white canvas slip on shoes

For example, 100% recyclable shoes, ergonomically supported shoes, and so on are all new products we have developed. Not only that. We provide customized services for consumers with customization needs. Customize unique products based on consumer requirements for style, color, material, logo, and even packaging.

In short, white canvas slip on shoes are not only comfortable, non slip, and durable, but also very affordable. Click the button below to select your desired product and enjoy our professional services!

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