Public welfare activity

Recently, Roadtekshoes  took a public welfare activity to a local hospital to provide professional foot testing. And we provided comfortable insole products for nurses.

public welfare activity photo2

Roadtekshoes recently announced that our professional testing equipment and comfortable insole products are officially listed. This important news is of great significance to consumers who pursue high-quality shoes. It is reported that the testing equipment of Roadtekshoes adopts advanced technology, which can accurately detect all the indicators of shoes. And it provides professional opinions and suggestions for consumers. We ensure that the shoes purchased by consumers meet their needs and expectations. 

At the same time, the comfortable insole products of the Company adopt high-quality materials and scientific design. Aiming at providing consumers with a more comfortable wearing experience. These insole products can not only relieve foot fatigue, but also effectively reduce the pressure on the body and help consumers spend every day comfortably.

At the activity site, nurses actively participated in foot testing, and the professionals of Glory analyzed the health of their feet in detail for each nurse, and recommended corresponding insole products according to the test results. These insoles can not only provide extra support, but also provide comfortable cushioning effect for the soles of the feet, which greatly reduces the fatigue caused by nurses working for a long time.

As an enterprise focusing on high-quality shoes, the Company always puts product quality and consumer experience in the first place. The listing of its testing equipment and comfortable insole products not only proves the fulfillment of this quality commitment, but also provides consumers with a more convenient and professional shopping experience. 

To the end of public welfare activity, Roadtekshoes appeals to consumers to actively participate in and buy our products. We believe that these products will bring consumers a higher quality and comfortable wearing experience and improve their quality of life!