The Craft of Canvas Shoe Making

History of Canvas shoes

The craft of canvas shoe making have a long history. As early as the 16th century, ordinary people in Europe made “felt shoes” similar to canvas shoes. In the 19th century, many ordinary people in Europe have begun to wear canvas rubber soled shoes. But natural rubber has its characteristics, soft in summer is too soft, hard in winter is easy to crack.
Canvas shoes have a long history and tradition in shoemaking. Simple yet stylish, canvas shoes have endured for generations. At our company, we are dedicated to producing high-quality canvas shoes that honor this tradition while embracing modern styles. Our canvas shoes are made by skilled craftsmen using techniques that have been perfected over time.

Steps for making canvas shoes

The first step in making our canvas shoes is selecting the finest canvas and rubber. The canvas is cut and stitched by hand to form the upper. The rubber soles are then carefully attached using a vulcanization process that bonds the rubber to the canvas. This results in a highly durable yet flexible shoe. Multiple fittings are done to ensure maximum comfort and fit.

The shoes then move to the finishing station where they are trimmed, polished, and prepared for laces and eyelets. The laces and metal eyelets are hand-threaded and knotted to provide the perfect degree of tightness across the top of the foot. A final wipe down and polish complete the transformation from materials to a pair of shoes ready for wear.

About the craft of canvas shoe making, from start to finish, each pair of our canvas shoes passes through the hands of skilled craftsmen. Their careful work results in shoes that marry tradition, quality, and style. Our canvas shoes provide ultimate comfort while also reflecting classic style that pairs well with any outfit. They represent timeless fashion that appeals across generations.