Roadtek Achieve 2023 ISO Quality Management System Certification

In the dynamic and competitive footwear industry, ensuring product quality is of utmost importance. We are thrilled to announce that our sulphurized shoe factory Roadtek has successfully obtained the ISO quality management system certification, further reinforcing our commitment to delivering superior products to our customers.

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What is ISO Certification and Its Significance

ISO certification is an internationally recognized standard that verifies an organization’s adherence to quality management practices. It provides assurance to customers and stakeholders that the certified company meets the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Certification Process

Preparations: Prior to the official certification process, we engaged in communication and negotiations with the certification body to ensure our understanding and preparedness for the certification process. We provided relevant documents and information about our company for the certification body to review.

Qualification Audits: The certification body assigns qualified auditors to visit our sulphurized shoe factory to conduct audits of our quality management system. The auditors meticulously examine our documents, processes, and operations to ensure their compliance with the requirements of ISO standards. Additionally, they conduct interviews with our staff to gauge their understanding and implementation of quality management practices.

ISO Quality Management System Certification

On-site Inspections: During the qualification audits, auditors from the certification body perform on-site inspections, observing our production processes and facilities. They inspect our production lines to verify their compliance with quality standards and assess the adequacy of our control measures to ensure product quality. They also examine our warehouses and quality testing equipment to ensure their compliance with requirements and proper functioning.

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During the certification process, our factory underwent thorough audits and assessments by accredited certification bodies. These audits evaluated our compliance with ISO standards, such as quality management system documentation, process control, risk management, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to announce that we successfully met all the requirements and have been awarded the ISO certification.

Obtaining the ISO quality management system certification is a significant milestone for our sulphurized shoe factory. It reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional products and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. With ISO certification, our customers can have full confidence in the quality and reliability of our footwear products.As we move forward, we will continue to uphold the ISO standards, continuously improve our processes, and innovate to meet the evolving needs and expectations of our customers.