How to properly maintain and clean canvas shoes?

The maintain and clean of canvas shoes are the key to keep the appearance of shoes and prolong their service life. The following are some methods and suggestions for maintaining and cleaning canvas shoes.

Daily maintain and clean of canvas shoes

canvas-shoes-maintain and clean

-Brush the surface of shoes with a soft brush or toothbrush regularly to remove dust and impurities.

-Try to avoid oil stains or strong color pollutants on canvas shoes. If there is any stain, immediately wipe it lightly with a wet cloth.

-When you don’t wear canvas shoes, loosen the shoelaces to keep the shape and breathability of the shoes.

-Avoid exposing canvas shoes to strong sunlight, which may lead to color difference and material aging.

Check the cleaning instructions on the shoe labels and clean them according to the recommendations in the instructions.

-If possible, take out the insoles and shoelaces to avoid being damaged during cleaning.

-Hand washing is the safest cleaning method. Gently rub the surface and sole of canvas shoes with warm water and neutral detergent or laundry cleaning solution.

-If the shoes are very dirty, you can wipe the surface with a wet cloth before washing them by hand.

-After washing, rinse with clean water and make sure the shoes are completely dry.

Drying and storage of canvas shoes

-After washing, gently dry the surface of canvas shoes with a dry cloth to make them dry as soon as possible.

-Avoid exposing wet canvas shoes to direct sunlight or drying them with hot air to avoid shrinkage and deformation.

-Dry the insoles and shoelaces thoroughly and put them back in the shoes.

-When storing, put the shoes in a dry and ventilated place to avoid damp and mildew.

maintain and clean of canvas-shoes-

Canvas shoes are durable, but they still need regular cleaning and proper maintenance. According to the cleaning guide and the above methods, the service life of canvas shoes can be prolonged and their appearance and comfort can be maintained. Remember, proper maintenance and cleaning are very important for maintaining the overall quality and freshness of canvas shoes.