Taking social responsibilities as our own responsibility

While the factory is developing, roadtekshoes has never forgotten to repay the society, actively fulfill its social responsibilities. And we contribute to the progress and development of the society.

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Social responsibilities are not simple slogans

Roadtekshoes is an enterprise specializing in the production of casual canvas shoes. We have won the favor of consumers at home and abroad with our excellent product quality and wide market coverage. In recent years, we have actively participated in targeted social poverty alleviation work and fulfilled our responsibilities with practical actions. We took the initiative to resettle 37 poor people and helped these poor people get out of poverty through employment opportunities. This move not only improved their living conditions, but also brought them new hope and opportunities.

Roadtek always insists on making contributions to the society

The sense of social responsibility is not only reflected in helping the poor, but also in its attention and investment in environmental protection. We pay attention to the concept of environmental protection, are committed to reducing pollution emissions during the production process, and promote green production. At the same time, we also actively carry out public welfare activities, pay attention to the education, health and other issues of disadvantaged groups. As a socially responsible enterprise, Roadtekshoes always puts social responsibility first. We believe that the success of enterprises cannot be separated from the support and help of society.  So we are willing to give back to society and contribute to society. This sense of social responsibility is not only reflected in their actions, but also in their corporate culture.

social responsibility of Roadtekshoes
social responsibility of activity

Our sense of social responsibilities have been widely praised and recognized by the society. Besides, our actions not only improved the living conditions of the poor, but also set a good example for society. We believe that with the efforts of the factory, social progress and development will be better. In the future, we will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute more to the progress and development of society. We will continue to pay attention to the poor and vulnerable groups and provide them with more help and support. What’s more, we will continue to promote the development of environmental protection and contribute to building a beautiful home.