What are kid sizes in shoes

Children’s foot bones, muscles and soft tissues are in a stage of rapid growth and change, so choosing the right kid sizes is crucial. This not only affects their comfort, but also affects the formation of children’s gait and the health of their feet.

Measurement and standards of kid sizes in shoes

often varies greatly. Choosing the size according to the length of the foot and the shoe size standard is often the most accurate choice. So, what method can be used to accurately measure the length of a child’s foot?

kid sizes in shoes
kid sizes

First, you need to prepare a flat piece of paper and a ruler. Then, choose the shoe size according to the inner length (that is, the length of the insole). The correct operation is as follows: Lay the paper flat on the ground in a direction perpendicular to the wall. Then let the child stand on the paper with his heel close to the wall. At this time, you need to measure the vertical distance from the longest toe to the heel. It should be noted that both feet should be measured. After that, we need to select the longest distance to compare the standard size. If the child’s feet are fat or the instep is high, the measured data needs to be increased by 1.5 cm; for special shoes such as high-top shoes or velvet shoes, 1 cm needs to be added to the original data.

Shoe selection suggestions for special foot types

Arch support insoles

Children’s foot types can be roughly divided into three types: flat feet, high arches and normal feet. For children with flat feet, shoes with hard soles and sufficient arch support should be selected. That kids shoud need to avoid soft soles or concave designs in the middle of the shoes. Contraryly, the high arches kids need to choose shoes with soft soles that can cushion the impact of the arch. This should avoid designs that are too hard or lack elasticity to reduce pressure on the soles of the feet when walking. We strongly recommend that children in the developmental period undergo regular foot health checks. Timely discover problems in the feet during development and correct them.

Choosing the right kid sizes is not only about their comfort, but also about the healthy development of their feet. Our independently developed and patented insoles can help your child correct abnormal foot shape. This insole can be designed according to the characteristics and needs of the child’s foot shape. If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to consult us.